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Have you ever wanted a  great space to meet customers, conduct business,  freelance, learn a new tech skill or  videoconference with another city while enjoying high speed, reliable internet

Beginning March 3, 2013 we will offer coworking space at our office in Fayette, AL. Members of our service can enjoy a desk, dedicated telephone line, high speed wired and wireless internet, a business shipping address, a fully equipped video/teleconference room, as well as excellent coffee and use of our Faema espresso / cappuccino machine.

Membership is in tiers

1) Full dedicated desk, dedicated bookshelf and locking file cabinet, incoming telephone with autoattendant, forwarding and voicemail , 24/7 access to office, a suite number for postal and package delivery. (250)

2) Monthly business hours membership, 8-5 access to office space M-F, 8-12 Sat,  dedicated locking file cabinet. (175)

3) Day use, 4 days or more a month commitment (25 /day)

4) Drop in (or less than 4 days) (30 /day)

all plans include unlimited long distance calling to the US and Canada, high speed internet. Conference room can be reserved. Coffee, cappuccino, sodas, fruit and healthy snacks are available (an honor system will provide more of the same).

Full membership with allows access to hundreds of other coworking facilities around the world with their day rate normally waived up to 3 days. And likewise, we will host coworkers from any of those sites. Look here for the places where you can enjoy a desk using a VISA.

Certain weekday nights, our conference room becomes a media room. By membership and by invitation we will have regular Ted-Talk Tuesdays, and  Website Thursdays. Other special offerings will include: iPhone, Android and tablet app creation; personal and business digital security; video creation, editing and distribution; as well as anything else tech or business related that we have both content and an audience for.

Explore how you might use your desk here:

Teleworking — most major firms prefer that certain of their workers tele-commute for a portion or maybe all of their employment– many workers also prefer to skip the drive to and fro, but teleworking from home just doesn’t work for most of us. It is lonely, the dog barks, the doorbell rings at the wrong time and there are too many distractions.

Freelancing — a freelancing gig might be purely your own, you might get specific jobs from sites like, or you might perform as a virtual concierge during the day. Of course, nothing stops you from doing all of the above.

Job Search — use our resume tools, print and mail from your office here, and comb job offers — when you are ready for a video job interview — we can give you the perfect setting and lighting.

Bringing a Cottage Business Online — we can help you register a domain, create an e-commerce website and create mobile phone apps. We maintain a list of tutors and free-lancers to help you get started and keep going.

Legal Services / Satellite Law office – we are conveniently located in the same block as the Fayette County Courthouse and across the street from the Fayette Municipal Court. Our conference room can be booked for live video deposition or conferencing, mediation. Your law office can offer services it could not before using our state of the art high definition Polycom video conference Facility

Call Center – need to assemble an inbound or outbound call center fast? We can build one on a moment’s notice, and help you staff it.

Remote Support — We have the RHUB remote support appliance — you can offer Web-Ex style remote support and presentation to multiple users simultaneously.