Welcome to, a leader in IP communications innovation for voice, video and wireless.

We craft solutions that meld telephony, the web, video, cellular wireless and local wireless for complete and unified communications, security and environmental control for the enterprise.

The Essentials we build on:

listening and understanding – A complete solution requires a full understanding of the problems to be solved and the environment surrounding them. The customer is always the best source for that information and insight.

research – our edge has always come from the endless loop of curiosity answered by research which triggers more curiosity. New tools emerge continuously, some work more effectively or efficiently than anything available before. We try to know as much as we can about the existing proven tools at our disposal, the newly emerged ones, and those that are still in development

experience – our own, supplemented a hundredfold by a network of expertise – since our founding in 1988 as Chiron Computers, we have actively contributed and benefited from the larger community of information problem solvers.

great ingredients – only vendors that share our ethic of high quality, dependability and utility gain and keep our business. Zultys, Polycom, and Mobotix are three of the vendors that best exemplify this for us today.

support – a product should be implemented properly, maintained, and as new needs arise, modified. We are with you throughout helping you maximize what the technology can do for you and your work processes.

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